SMS Broadcasting Service.

SMS broadcast is a technique to send mass text messaging to a large audience simultaneously. Athos offers SMS broadcasting services at an affordable rate without setting up any complex infrastructure. With our SMS broadcast service, you can send bulk promotional, reminders, and notification messages to your clients, customers and employees.

Features Of Our SMS Broadcasting Service

  • 1Schedule SMS

    Schedule your messages to send any time of future date.

  • 2 Personalized SMS

    Personalize messages to your contact to get high readability.

  • 3 SMS Tracking

    Track recipient's behavior to clicks on your links.

  • 4 Group Messaging

    You can send messages to a small or large group.

  • 1 2-Way SMS

    Allow customers to reply directly to the personalized message sent by you.

  • 2 Send bulk SMS

    Send bulk sms to the target audience at once.

  • 3 SMS Marketing

    SMS broadcasting helps you to generate more leads and revenue.

  • 4Send SMS Online

    Send and recieve messages by online sms portal.

  • 5Send Promotional and political sms

    Create SMS campaigns for your promotional or political activities.

Our SMS Broadcasting Service is suitable for

  • 1Promotions
  • 2Political Campaigns
  • 3 Educationals Institutes
  • 4 E-commerce
  • 5 Real Estate
  • 5 E-commerce
  • 6Hotels
  • 7Restaurants

Advantage of SMS Broadcast

SMS Broadcast
  • 1Target large audience

    SMS broadcasting service is the best option to target a mass audience.

  • 2 Message Read Score

    98% of text messages are opened and read so best option to generate leads

  • 3 Cost effective

    SMS broadcasting has a lower cost than other marketing tools.

  • 4 Better Engagement

    SMS don't need spam filters and others, so they perform better than email campaigns.

  • 5International SMS

    SMS broadcasting is the best option to target global customers at a lower cost.

  • 6Survey and other SMS

    Best for survey and sending promotional , alerts and other messages.


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