Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solutions.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated answering software system that interacts with callers with prerecorded voice messages, gathers the information & routes calls to the appropriate recipients. IVR is very helpful to reduce the cost of support, collection, sales, and service operations. We have an experienced and dedicated team of IVR for configuration, development, consultancy, and support services.

Features Of Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

  • 1Multi-level IVR to intake more user input.
  • 2 Automatic routing
  • 3forwards call directly to the agent’s phone
  • 4Remote deployment for IVR applications
  • 5Comprehensive reporting of Calls & Campaigns
  • 6Monitor Servers, Calls, Campaign etc.
Best Features
  • 1Supports touch tone/digit response
  • 2Answer calls with different IVR application
  • 3Captures data of caller incase all users are busy
  • 4Unlimited Questions and Menu Levels
  • 5Single number for all type of caller.
  • 6Remote Access to IVR application

Outbound (IVR).

  • 1Customized voice message

    Easily customized voice messages for discount offers, festive greetings, and product updates.

  • 2Collect customer feedback

    Collect customer feedback easily with automated outbound calls.

  • 3Connect customers

    Connect customers with agents easily by pressing the menu items.

  • 4Bulk SMS/Texting Integration

    Integrate the IVR system with bulk SMS and texting software.

  • 5Auto Dialer

    Integrate IVR with auto dialer software by our experienced engineer.

  • 6Automate hiring process

    Automated calls with set of predefined questions with IVR

Best Features

Inbound IVR

  • 1Custom Routing

    Custom routing with timed-based, least-used, geographic, and others.

  • 2Play Music On Hold

    Play an on-hold message that contains prerecorded music audio.

  • 3Text To Speech Software

    Integrate and configure text To Speech Software

  • 4Call Center Software

    Integrate IVR with call center software.

  • 5Business Phone System

    Cloud-based professional business phone systems with our IVR solutions.

  • 6Database Access

    Easily access and update database with contacts.


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