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Tips For Cooking The Chicken

Chicken is the most delicious and popular ingredient. You have to keep in mind some tips while cooking chicken. We listed some common tips for cooking chicken.

Tips For Cooking The Chicken

Tips For Cooking The Chicken

1. Chicken Should be Fresh

  • Ask the butcher to cut the fresh chicken for you. This practice will give you the surety that your chicken is fresh and juicy.

2. Use Vinegar

  • Add 3-4 tablespoons of vinegar in one bowl of water to wash the chicken and remove the clotted blood.

3. Check there is no excess moisture

  • Use a towel or thick cloth to pat the chicken and dry it. Or, you can also cover the chicken in the towel for 5 minutes to absorb excess moisture.

4. Cut the breast pieces thin

  • Cut the breast pieces thin and chicken tenderizer or simply the mallet steak hammer to pound the chicken evenly.

5. Proper Heat

  • Add oil to the pan and turn the flame on high. To check the heat, put your hand above the pan. If you feel the heat on your hand, the oil is hot.

6. Not Overcook

  • On the point, you notice chicken has changed its color from weight to golden, off the flame. Even better if you check it using a fork.

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