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About us

Athos: All about Quality and Commitment

The name Athos itself says a lot about us, Massive and Peak, we understand our values and goals. We really live by our quality and commitments, especially when we are always dealing with giant clients in Hotels and Restaurant industry. Huge Orders and On-time deliveries of such big orders, some-times on urgent basis, are our speciality. We are heavenly trained to work on-time, without compromising a bit on quality checks. Athos is a one-shop online marketplace for local vendors, local whole-sellers, Restaurant Chains and Hotel Industries, serving with our unmatchable quality products which includes Raw Chicken/Mutton, Raw Paneer, Atta and Maida. With loyal and direct connections to the animal farms and crop farmlands, and an efficient delivery team, we are contributing our bit to make your end-customer consume quality, healthy and fresh products.

Goal: End-Customer’s Satisfaction

We know and we understand, we exist not only because we serve you with our quality products that your end-client deserves, but also because of the customer’s taste buds satisfaction that makes them complement you each time. And yes, a huge welcome for these complements, from our behalf as well. Right away from delicious and healthy Raw Chicken and Raw Mutton, to fresh and juicy Raw Paneer, and absolutely not forgetting about Atta/Maida products, Athos have maintained huge bars with hygiene, health, nutrition, quality and same-day delivery which ultimately brings our customers even more closer each time, we business together.

Athos Values Time

Time is Money, and so is the quality. Quality Measures have been our top priority, and we are never biased by this rule how big the order might be. Athos has an efficient team that will establish an absolute transparent conversation, unlike others in competition, from the minute you get in touch with us. Be it our Customers dealing in Wholesale vendor-ships, or buyers from Hotel/Restaurant industry, we neither negotiate on the stipulated delivery time, nor on the standards of our products. Our customer’s are free to check on us, on our schedules, and delivery tracking and status. Most importantly since big orders are our speciality, there is negligible scope of any hassles that our customers need to ever face. Athos believes, Time is what derives the world and those who work by it, get rewarded the most out of it.

How are we manage all this?

We know, it’s a question that comes quite often and we are totally open about it. We will like to describe the management being divided into In three basic stages:

  1. . Links with Farms: We have direct links with the Quality and Standard procedures following animal raising and crop farms, which have same goals of feeding Absolutely Right to the end customers, like Athos. They ensure full ethical practises in growing animals and Crops and manufacturing Raw Paneer with quality methods.
  2. . Packaging and Preservation: Even though, we deliver in the shortage time possible, still you definitely want us to follow the right practises of transporting your goods. So yes, air-tight packaging without any preservatives or added chemicals, is what our Athos team does as the last thing after all Quality Checks have been approved twice.
  3. . Delivering on Time: Delivery team is experienced and this is no ancient times. With the help of all latest technological tools, our delivery team reaches your doorsteps, in quickest time possible.
We are the Game Changers

Yes, we definitely are. We have aimed to provide the best on the platter of your end customer. Fresh, Tasty, Healthy and Hygienic. We are not in the race to beat our competition, but actually to win your hearts. And we know, that only way it’s going to happen: when we provide you with our best deals without bargaining on Quality Standards. With our products massively into Raw Chicken/Mutton, Raw Paneer and Aata/Maida, if it’s all about the liking of taste-buds of your end-consumers, you can trust Athos, like you always have.

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